1.) No vulgarities, obscenities, name-calling, character assassinations or mockery are allowed here.

2.) Discussions of an "adult nature" such as sex, nudity, and the like are not permitted.

3.) Respect other members. No personal attacks or flaming of any kind. You are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their character is not allowed.

5.) Do not share links of other websites here.

6.) Do not share images with watermarks of other websites here.

7.) Do not share your personal info like email ids, phone numbers or id relating to any other social networking websites or others here.

8.) Under no circumstances are harassing, vulgar or threatening admins or any moderators permitted. Remember that monitors are volunteers. It is impossible for them to be in chat every minute of every day. Please don’t assume that because action hasn’t been taken that something is ok.

The admins or any assigned moderator reserves the right to ban from the chat any user who do not follow the above rules.
Members who require excessive reminders of the rules or whose participation results in excessive need for monitor/admin attention may be banned without warning.

The admin's decision is final and is not open to debate.

These chat rooms are for you to learn from and enjoy, but not at the expense of others. Have fun, but be respectful and play nice!